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About SpeedGeek

Our philosophy

Think of all the tools you own and how you take for granted the effortless way they work. You never have to restart your door or format your refrigerator; we believe your computer is a tool that should work the same way.

On your side

SpeedGeek does not affiliate with any store or manufacturer, we charge only for time.

Always green

Our agents use bikes and public transportation, and can give you energy-saving tips from avoiding power-guzzling hardware to setting up a paperless office.


Your home is your sanctuary, and sanctuaries should be problem-free. We’ll optimize computers, audio/video equipment and wireless networks and even teach you how to troubleshoot things yourself if needed.

  1. Spyware and Privacy protection
  2. Virus and Malware removal
  3. PC & Mac Repair & Upgrades
  4. Data Backup & Recovery
  5. Computer Tune-ups
  6. Wireless Networks
  7. Printers and Scanners
  8. Noise & Loudness issues
  9. Desk Space and Wire Reorganization
  10. Phone and Tablet training
  1. Gaming Rigs
  2. Smart Home Appliances
  3. Home Theater Systems
  4. Photos & music database management

Being a small business is hard (we know!) and the last thing you need is your computers failing at the wrong time. We’ve got your back digitally as well as financially and always with a smile.

  1. Virus and Malware removal
  2. Computer purchase and upgrades
  3. Server installations, maintenance & Upgrades
  4. PC & Mac Repair & Upgrades
  5. Wireless Networks
  6. Point-of-Sale (POS) Support & Setup
  7. Desk Space and Wire Reorganization
  8. Surveillance Camera Systems
  9. Printers and Scanners
  1. Networking Equipment & Security
  2. E-mail Solutions
  3. Data Backup & Recovery
  4. VOIP Solutions

Let’s get you on the web! SpeedGeek can introduce, guide and transform your business to a cloud powerhouse! We provide comprehensive support for:

  1. Blogs and Social media management
  2. Site design and construction
  3. Mailing lists & CRM software
  4. Cloud backup solutions
  5. Cloud sync solutions
  6. WordPress development
  7. Cloud music management
  1. Cloud photo management
  2. iCloud, Google and Dropbox expertise

We can provide support and consultations through phone or remote desktop for the following services and beyond:

  1. Virus and malware removal
  2. Spyware and privacy protection
  3. Basic program tutoring
  4. PC purchases and upgrades
  5. PC & mac repair & upgrades
  6. E-mail solutions
  7. Social media management
  1. Computer tune-ups

SpeedGeek uses the utmost discretion when working on your devices.
We access files only to the extent needed and all backed up information is erased upon job completed.


Evans Lewis
Brooklyn, NY
Mike Perez
Bronx, NY
Yoav Erez
Dumbo, Brooklyn
When I need IT help, I need it fast and perfect.  Then because I'm over 60, I also need patient instruction and handholding.  SpeedGeek has never let me down.
Lewis Friedman
Producer and Writer for TV/Film
SpeedGeek has come to my rescue a number of times. They are flexible and go above and beyond to save you time and money with their expertise.
I can't imagine not having them for my tech needs.
Mariana Leung
Creative Director at Ms. Fabulous Media
These guys are incredible, always coming up with quick, creative ways to make your computer easier to use. I seriously wouldn't go anywhere else.
Serge Zenin
Associate Attorney at Riemer Law Group
Great service which was timely, detailed and fair.
Highly recommend for any tech and computer-related services!
Becca Zandstein
Tech Product Manager at LookFar
I'm always so amazed at (and thankful for) Speedgeek's responsiveness - no matter what time my problem arises, they’re always there, ready to solve the issue.
Melanie Zrihen
Co-Founder of Downtown Dance Factory
Speedgeek is the fastest on two feet!
They are knowledgeable, fast and extremely courteous.  We love them.
Manny Kladitis
President and founder, NIKO Companies
I texted SpeedGeek at an unreasonable hour with an issue that had been bugging me for weeks. Within 45 seconds, they solved what google, and 2 trips to the Genius Bar couldn't.
Alec Wirth
Certified Commercial Drone Pilot
SpeedGeek is a reliable, skilled, up to date and talented operation.
Saved my cookies (no pun) often.
Richard Hirsch
Environmentalist and Fly fisherman
You won't find computer assistance this knowledgeable and reasonable anywhere else
so don't even bother looking.
Ron Rifkin
Available around the clock for hands-on tech support covering a wide range of issues Fast, friendly, and highly skilled, we couldn't be happier with the support SpeedGeek has provided us with for so many years.
Trena Keating
Co-Principal at Union Literary
Yoav threatened me that if I didn’t write this, he’d never service my computer again.  That is my biggest fear, along with clowns and a Trump Presidency.  SpeedGeek is, simply, the best.
Judith Newman
Writer, New York Times
My agent was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and best of all - patient,
with a sly sense of wit too. Don’t know what I would do without SpeedGeek
Beth Flaherty
Hair Stylist